LatinMeaning.com is a site for people who want to find out the meaning of Latin words or terms.

How do I do a reverse search: enter an English Word to find out what its meaning is in Latin?

Just enter an English word into the Search form on this site to get a list of Latin meanings, as long as the word is in our database.

How big is your database?

About 7,500 Latin words or terms.

What is your source for these Latin words and meanings?

Here is the attribution:

“Copyright 1999 The Internet Dictionary Project/Tyler Chambers.. http://www.june29.com/IDP/ “This file is free to use and modify. Thank you for using the IDP. Approximately 235 entries. 9/21/97. Approximately 240 entries. 1/7/98. Approximately 8148 entries. 1/19/98 Special thanks to Lynn H. Nelson at the University of Kansas.. Approximately 8170 entries.”

The dictionary file used to create this site was openly licensed and shared on GitHub.com.